What is Selene City?


Selene City is a virtual moon base providing online advertising. Any building in the city can be supplied with a link to any web site. Anyone who wants to can acquire a parcel in the city and become its legal owner when the mayor’s office of Selene City issues a certificate confirming the legal ownership of a parcel of virtual city. (Selene City has a link to a specific site on the Lunar surface in the vicinity of the Mare Humorum). Legal title to the virtual city parcels sold is permanent.

Though virtual, Selene City is bursting with vitality, in flux, always growing.

It is also the world’s first virtual advertising city on the moon.

The web site’s home page features a map of the lunar surface. The topography displayed is genuine, though somewhat stylized. The part of the moon used for Selene City was at one time purchased from Lunar Embassy (Galactic Government).

In summary, when you buy a parcel of Selene City, you will receive:

1. The legal right to own the parcel of Selene City, confirmed by official title issued by the mayor’s office of Selene City.
2. The opportunity to place (to build) any kind of virtual improvement (any  relief/modeled image (3-Dimensional): a building, a vehicle, a sculpture, etc.) on your newly-acquired virtual land.
3. The right to edit the image of your improvements as often as you like, at any time.
4. The right to attach a hyperlink to your virtual improvement.
5. The right to edit your hyperlink as many times as you like, at any time.
6.  The right to sell your parcel at any time to any willing buyer.




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